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GPS tolling: a whole new way to pay for tolls

LinktGO gives casual toll customers an easy and convenient way to use toll roads.

With LinktGO, there’s no need for a physical tag in the vehicle. Instead, LinktGO uses GPS technology to track your toll travel in real time.

The way you pay for tolls is also different. Instead of needing a pre-paid account or pass, the LinktGO app lets you pay trip by trip as you go. This makes LinktGO perfect for paying a one-off toll.

Designed to pay a casual toll

LinktGO is built especially for casual users:

How GPS tolling works

We use geo-fencing technology to map the entire Australian toll road network, turning physical toll points into virtual entries and exits.

LinktGO uses the GPS technology built into your smartphone to track when you pass through one of these virtual toll points. At the end of your trip, the app shows you the full details of your trip and the cost.

How to pay a casual toll

What customers say

"Just so easy to install, use and pay for trips and no money just sitting waiting for infrequent trips."



"I never know when I need to pay tolls so it's very helpful."



"A convenient and easy to use way to track and pay for casual toll road users."



As of June 2021

Awards & Recognition

Driven x Design – Product Design, Tech (Gold)

Driven x Design – New app (Gold and Silver)

Driven x Design – TravelTech (Gold and Silver)

Good Design Award Winner

Customer Experience Excellence – Best Customer-centric Project

Australia By Design Innovation TV series – Featured Innovation

Hong Kong Business of Design Week – Featured Innovation