LinktGO fees

Using the LinktGO app is a convenient way to pay for occasional toll road travel on all Australian toll roads. With no start-up fees or lock-in accounts, you’ll only pay for the trip you’ve just taken.

App setup

Start-up fee


All you need to get started is the LinktGO app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store), your number plate and a payment method.

Add vehicle fee


You can register up to three vehicles at a time to your app. It’s easy to change the linked vehicles—just check which number plates are currently registered before you drive.

Ongoing costs

Trip-by-trip paymentThere's no minimum balance or account top-up required when you're using LinktGO—just pay for your trips, as you take them.
Service Fee

For trips using LinktGO, you’ll pay the cost of the toll, plus a $0.95 service fee.

This fee includes payment processing, vehicle matching and administrative costs.


See individual toll road pages for pricing.
Brisbane toll roads
Sydney toll roads
Melbourne toll roads


Other possible costs

You’ll only have to pay these fees in specific circumstances

Toll notice fees

If you don’t pay your trips on time, your status will change to “blocked”—meaning your trips won’t be covered by the app. If you don’t make alternate payment arrangements, you’ll receive a toll notice, which is the cost of the toll plus a $10 administration fee.

You may also receive a toll notice if you use LinktGO with a vehicle that’s not currently connected with your profile.

LinktGO is perfect for paying casual tolls. It’s also great if you like the idea of paying trip by trip. If you travel regularly a tag account can help you save on fees. Check out our account options at